Foundation of the enterprise as sand & gravel company by Anton Lasselsberger sen.



Startup of the first concrete factory



Start of business activities in Hungary

Foundation of Lasselsberger-Knauf Kft. as 50:50 joint venture with German Knauf Group



Start of international trading and transport activities in Malta



Acquisition of raw and building materials companies in Hungary



Start of business activities in Slovakia



Entry into the cement business in Romania


1998 – 2002

Acquisition of leading ceramic companies in Czech Republic (Keramika Horni Briza, Chlumcanske keramicke, Rako) and merge into one company


2003 – 2004

Takeover of the Zalakeramia Group, the leading tile producer in Hungary, including the Romanian tiles producer Cesarom

Acquisiton of V&B tiles production plants in Romania and Hungary



Acquisition of leading tile producers in Slovakia and Romania


2005 – 2006

Sale of business lines outside the core business

Demerger of big Czech company into three separated companies each belonging to Division Ceramics, Minerals and Building Materials



Opening of branches in Russia (Moscow and Ufa)


2007 – 2009

Construction of a new tile production facility in Ufa (Russia)



Start of the third production line at tile production facility in Russia


2015 – 2016

Modernization and extension of ceramic production capacities in Romania and Hungary

Installation of a new tiles production line in Czech Republic

Enlargement of existing cooperation with German Knauf Group by production of perlit

Acquisition of a Hungarian sand and gravel company



Startup of a new distribution center for tiles in Czech Republic

Modernization and extension of ceramic production capacities in Czech Republic

Start of one of the most modern concrete plants of Europe in Austria



Acquisition of a kaolin producer in Russia



Modernization of the sand & gravel production facilities  in Hungary

Founding of group companies in China



Acquisition of a limestone producer in Russia