The Lasselsberger Group will have an anonymous whistleblowing platform available from 01 March 2021. All employees have the opportunity to report misconduct and abuses, in particular violation of applicable laws and internal guidelines, directly to the owner.

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Within the LASSELSBERGER Group many standards and values are already in place. The management has now decided to summarise these in a Code of Conduct as a framework for the entire group of companies. This step is also in line with the new legal requirements regarding our sustainability reporting obligations, which are strongly focussed on a common understanding of transparent corporate governance.


This Code of Conduct is established to guide the behavior of all members of LASSELSBERGER Group, including employees, executives and business partners. Our Code of Conduct reflects our commitment to professional behavior, mutual respect, integrity and transparency.
This Code should be seen as a framework to ensure compliance with the laws and regulations applicable in all countries in which we operate. It is the responsibility of every member of the organization to uphold this code in their daily activities and interactions. All managers of all LASSELSBERGER Group entities shall be role models for the employees by implementing the Code of Conduct in practice. They must also instruct their colleagues in the use of the Code of Conduct, monitor compliance, educate and train as necessary.

Respect for Each Other
We are committed to creating an inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and respected. This includes respecting personal and cultural differences and fostering an atmosphere of teamwork and cooperation. Discrimination, mobbing and harassment are strictly prohibited.

All members of the organization must uphold high standards of integrity. This involves honesty and fairness in all activities. Misrepresentation, fraud or dishonesty will not be tolerated. We respect the principles, laws and rules of fair competition. We win business fairly through the quality and price of our products and services, not by offering improper advantages to others.

Confidentiality and Privacy
Employees must respect and maintain the confidentiality of information entrusted to them by the company and its business partners. This includes intellectual property, business strategies, customer lists, prices and personal data.

Conflict of Interest
All employees should avoid any activities that could conflict with their responsibilities to the Group or influence their professional decision-making. If a potential conflict of interest arises, it must be reported immediately to the relevant supervisor or authority.

Compliance with Laws
We are committed to complying with all applicable laws and regulations relevant to our operations. We expect our employees to comply with and respect all applicable laws and regulations. The same applies to the internal guidelines and instructions applicable within the LASSELSBERGER Group.

Workplace Health and Safety
We value the health and safety of everyone in our workplace. All employees are expected to comply with safety regulations and procedures.

Environmental Responsibility
The protection of the environment and the conservation of natural resources are of special concern. All employees are encouraged to use resources responsibly and contribute to the sustainability initiatives of the Group and its companies.

Company Property
All employees are entrusted with the careful and responsible management of the Group’s resources. Any form of misuse, fraud, waste or negligence will not be tolerated.

Professional Conduct
All employees are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner in all situations related to their work. This includes maintaining appropriate language, behavior and attitude.

Technology Use
We provide various technology resources for our business purposes. Any misuse of these resources, including unauthorized access, use for personal gain, or any behavior that risks the security of these resources is prohibited.

Reporting Violations
Employees are encouraged to report any suspected violations of this Code of Conduct to management immediately. Reports can be made also anonymously through the Whistleblower Platform of the LASSELSBERGER Group. We do not tolerate retaliation against anyone who makes a good-faith report.

Review and Amendments
This Code of Conduct will be reviewed regularly to ensure it remains relevant and effective. Amendments can be made as considered necessary by the Group Management, and inputs from all levels of the organization are encouraged.

This Code of Conduct sets forth our core values and standards, but it cannot anticipate every situation. Therefore, everyone is expected to apply these principles with common sense and good judgment. Our collective commitment to this Code will ensure that LASSELSBERGER Group continues to operate professionally, responsibly, sustainably and successfully.